A Positive Work Environment with Vicki Hitzges | Power Up! with NSA North Texas – Episode 25

Everyone goes through that "honeymoon phase" with their job – all the positives are obvious and none of the negatives are evident. But it’s only a phase, right? Vicki Hitzges works with companies to show corporate audiences how to get that “first-day enthusiasm” back.

Vicki was a Dallas TV news anchor who also co-hosted the Dallas Cowboy’s weekly TV show “Special Edition." She then went on to be the publicist for the world’s then TOP motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar. Zig admired Vicki’s creativity and urged her to speak, became her mentor, and within just a few months, she’d spoken around the world.

What makes her such a great speaker? What are the challenges she faces in modern work environments? What’s more important – message or style?

Learn more about Vicki Hitzges at KeynoteSpeaker.com, and contact Vicki at [email protected]

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