Founder and CEO of Hacware, Inc…Tiffany Ricks | Follow the Leader – Episode 12

"Stuff like the names and colors…it does have a factor, but it shouldn’t be something that you have to have."

Human interaction can be one of the biggest strengths of your business, but also a huge weakness when it comes to security. Tiffany Ricks knows that, and through her company Hacware, Inc. she’s hoping to prevent threats rather than react to them. Along the way, she’s learned a lot of lessons about going with your gut, listening to feedback, and not being so married to your ideas that you’re afraid to let them go.

Tiffany Ricks has lead software teams for the one of the largest defense contractors and Fortune 100 companies. She has been featured at SXSW for a clean technology app that disrupted the transportation industry. Tiffany has over 10 years experience in the software development industry. She has also been featured in, Dallas Business Journal, LaunchDFW, and many other tech and entrepreneur publications.

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