Jacklyn Shapiro | CEO Money Episode 58

Jacklyn started working with credit more than 25 years ago in the automotive industry and since that time she has dedicated thousands of hours to research and helping consumers across the country achieve the credit status they deserve. Jacklyn had the esteemed honor to have been mentored on the intricacies of credit, the credit bureaus and the state and federal laws governing credit from the foremost credit experts in the country.

With a focus and dedication to helping consumers, Jacklyn has been building a superior performance track record. The process of connecting a client’s needs with a tailored solution provides immense satisfaction and this is accomplished through a solid practiced method. Educating and empowering her clients is a passion and she loves the challenges and rewards it presents.

Winning trust and ensuring a client’s loyalty through exemplary skill and unwavering ethics is the way Jacklyn approaches all aspects of her company, she values the stellar reputation she has established as well as all the clients she has been able to help achieve their dreams personally as well as professionally.

Ms. Shapiro has been a guest on radio shows such as The Automotive Edge with Kurt Chase, The Real Talk with Willie Lambright and Chasing the Truth on ESPN. She has also been featured on Mike Citron’s national credit webinar series, recognized by Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide as a Woman of Excellence, The Good Life TV with Beverly Fell Jones, Offbeat Media and TV with Susan Hamilton, American Dream TV with Andy Tuttle, The Mortgage Minute with The Tuttle Group an official source for Capital One and Super Money. Jacklyn is a published author and impassioned speaker with the determination to empower everyone around her with knowledge.