Meet Brittany Long! Makeup artist with RNCN

Exciting announcement! We have teamed up with Brittany Long, owner of Beauty Rehab! Often the camera can magnify imperfections! That’s why we have asked Brittany to join us each week with best tricks for doing your makeup in front of the camera. Brittany enhances the look of any face with her technique and skills as a makeup artist to ensure you won’t ever look greasy, tired or washed out!
Watch this special edition episode to meet Brittany! She shares a little about her day at Real News and jumps into a fun Q&A session hosted by our very own Glory Holland. Glory has joined the Real News Team as our summer intern and check it out- she is already hosting an episode all by herself! It is great to have Brittany and Glory with us today in one of our new studio sets with Real News Communications. Enjoy! For more info on Brittany visit Interested in podcasting or thinking about a digital show? Email [email protected] #podcast #makeup #tips