Michael Loya | CEO Money Episode 65

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Mr. Loya is a Water Resource Specialist, Building and Environmental Technologies Specialist; focusing on minimizing the environmental footprint by using innovative sustainable building methods.

He has over 35 years of experience in the construction and renovation industry, earthwork, infrastructure repair and upgrades, environmental drilling, remediation and innovative, energy efficient building technologies. Mr. Loya has executed Environmental Water Projects, drilling and completing monitor wells for the Army Corp of Engineers, US Air Force and other government agencies, as well as other construction work.

He has been an advocate for water and environmental stewardship. He is involved in key issues effecting natural resources and making Green Building Strategies and Clean Energy Solutions available to every market.

Mr. Loya was sponsored by the Department of Energy as a delegate to its Environmental Justice Conferences in Washington, DC where he presented strategies on Sustainable Building and Living. His main focus is implementing cutting edge technology for a sustainable paradigm.

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