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The show recounts the dating adventures of anonymous single women.

Warning: Show May Contain Explicit Content From Time to Time

Closer Look into A Girls Gotta Eat... Lobster

If the show wasn’t entertaining enough, the girls celebrated this episode and introduced a fun drinking game to the podcast. Everyone participated, however, our host felt she had some explaining to do from the beginning. She would not be able to indulge! Find out why on the show: View Episode 7 Season 1 on A Girl’s Gotta Eat YouTube Playlist.

Note from the host on this episode’s highlight: The New Best Drinking Game You Have to Try

My oh, my… Just a PSA warning that this episode gets a tad wild y’all: the gang discusses how skiing can get a ‘good Christian Girl’ hooked into a long-term relationship, how a ferry boat set an international date on a downhill trip…and we’ll introduce you to this ridiculous new drinking game that we’re all addicted to.

The show welcomed their first guest, an anonymous and infamous serial bumble dater. Though currently in a stable relationship, she’s been on quite a few Bumble dates in the past year, and they’ll be talking about her success with it. The hostesses fired off a series of questions, the first being:

Q: Do you match with most of the guys you swipe on?

A: “I agree with that. I feel like I swipe on few people, but the ones I do swipe on, it’s very likely to match.” 

Q: What platforms do you use?

A: “I don’t use Tinder. Bumble was probably my favorite. I’ve used Hinge a little bit. I feel like that one’s different because there are so many questions, which is great because you waste less time but it’s a lot more in-depth. I ran out of people on Hinge because it’s so new.”

Q: Of the 200 Bumble dates, how many second dates do you think you’ve been on?

A: “20”

Q: How many have you traveled with?

A: “One legit trip.”

Q: What is the creepiest or clingiest date you’ve been on?

A: “I went on one probably one, who we went on one date, and I was planning on staying there 2 hours max if it was going well. I’m there for like four-and-a-half hours because he won’t shut up, truly: talking about himself, about how I’m so beautiful, how he sees something happening. You can identify the stage-5 clingers in the first 2 hours.”

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