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GoldenCoin Suisse is a family owned Private Swiss Nonbank. The family has been engaged in business and law for generations, including defending the gold standard and its right in constitution.

Incorporated in Switzerland and the United States, the company started its operations with a vision of providing a safer alternative for clients seeking Wealth Preservation without the financial risks, using vaulted and segregated gold bullion coins, with technology that provides clients with instant liquidity through a mobile app connected to a payments card.

The only difference between a "Bank" and a "Nonbank" is that Nonbanks do not engage in savings and lending out clients money, and do consequently not have the same high risks as other financial institutions.

Banking has suffered a lot in recent years, from insolvency, hardened regulations and a heavy cost structure with many of them closing down. In 2013 it became so bad that Cypriot banks had to seize client deposits in order to stay afloat, and bank deposit guarantees do not cover deposits over specific thresholds.

GoldenCoin Suisse provides an efficient alternative with zero risk, using segregated gold bullion and "regular deposits" instead of fiat currency, and without leveraging client assets, through a mobile app "the Bullion Master OSX" that allows clients to convert their physical gold bullion to cash in seconds.

Clients benefit from a traditional wealth and privacy preservation solution based on gold bullion, which goes back to the very early days of banking, when gold was currency and leveraging client funds was not permitted.

In the US, the company is currently working on offering more liquidity to Gold IRA accounts and a Gold Bullion Health Savings Accounts – an untapped multi-billion dollar market – by offering a combination of vaulted gold bullion coins and the Bullion Master OSX app with its connected payment card.

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