He Loved Her Through Alzheimer’s | Doing it Right Ep. 48

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Alzheimer’s – how can you help the caregiver? Having lost his wife of 60 years, Gene Vezina tells the story from Kay’s first diagnosis to the end. He gently says, “The mind may fade but the heart never forgets.” Gene’s grace is evident as he tells the ups, downs and even periodic humor. His chronicle is captured in his enlightening book, “Dementia of the Mind, Not of the Heart.” Not only is it his journey, it’s a guide for anyone dealing with this devasting disease.

Listen to Gene’s leadership lessons from a career in pharmaceutical sales and how some of them helped him through this difficult stage of his life.

To order, “Dementia of the Mind, But Not of the Heart: A Caregiver’s Journey”, go to https://bookstore.perimeter.org/perimeter-favorites.

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