The Dallas Bankers Club | Episode 7

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For over 25 years, Eric White has been providing middle market companies with his financial advisory expertise. He has overseen more than 100 successful strategic transactions covering nearly every major market sector. Mr. White has been involved in every aspect in these strategic transactions, including initial strategic planning, corporate due diligence, transaction structuring and negotiations, sourcing strategic buyers and closing the deal. His start-to-finish participation enables his clientele to receive the maximum valuation, regardless of whether the strategic transactions have involved mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, or strategic alternative assessments.

Mr. White started EBB Group in 1995 with the intent of bringing Wall Street advisory expertise to Main Street businesses. Every relationship begins with EBB Group supplying its independent and objective assessment of the client’s realistic and achievable goals and objectives. Through this transparency and insight, Mr. White has developed many long-term relationships with corporate clientele.

Prior to starting EBB Group, Eric worked for several large corporations. At Frito Lay, Kraft Foods and Dart Container, he served in senior sales and marketing roles, which gave him the necessary perspective for working with more professional middle-market companies that were generally first-generation and did not have the requisite experience in dealing with large private equity firms.

Mr. White holds Masters-level credit in Industrial Management from the University of Dallas, as well as a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas where he focused on marketing, finance and investments. He has also participated in a management program at Southern Methodist University. He is a member of IBBA, ACG, AMAA, and M and A Source.