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‘America, Can We Talk?’ is hosted by Debbie Georgatos, author of ‘Ladies, Can We Talk.’ The show airs at 3pm CT on Monday through Thursday from Studio C at Real News Communications Network.

On the show,  Debbie brings to America’s political dialogue a unique mix of lawyerly logic, patriotic passion, and a friendly and personal tone. ACWT features entertaining and engaging commentary, enlightened top-notch guests, and a focus on the top issues facing America from the perspective of preserving the unique greatness of America.


Featured Episodes

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Seth Rich Mystery Revived | Debbie Discusses 7.16.19

Katie Hopkins and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff | ACWT Interview 3.28.19

Debbie Georgatos

Debbie Georgatos is a radio talk show host, frequent Fox News Radio national political analyst, lawyer, political analyst, and author. Her book is called Ladies, Can We Talk? and her radio show is America, Can We Talk. ACWT is designed to encourage you to actively embrace American-style liberty, protect America’s exceptional nature, and claim your place in the American political conversation.