From Entrepreneurship to Spirituality and Politics, Real News Communications Network features a wide range of topics.  Scroll through our show selection and you may discover your new favorite new podcast!

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The Jay Young Show

Hosted ByJay Young

The Jay Young Show is a weekly podcast featuring insightful discussions with CEO's, entrepreneurs, authors, athletes, celebrities, our military and veteran heroes from around the country. Each interview is a personal conversation which covers a wide range of topics from business, life lessons, successes, challenges and everything in-between.

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The Only Real Estate Podcast Worth Listening To

Hosted ByNick Good, Matt Kelderman, Brian Force

Welcome to 'The Only Real Estate Podcast Worth Listening To', with your hosts Nick Good, Matt Kelderman, and Brian Force. Combined they have 26 years of experience and have sold over 1500 homes. Each with their own teams, they have extensive knowledge of all aspects and changes happening right now in the industry. Join them each week, as they bring…

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Pint Size Problems

Hosted ByJosh Hart

Pint Size Problems is a weekly show that is recorded in Dallas. It among on the premise that the best conversations occur with a small group of people, an open mind, and a cold pint. Trying to find the right time and place to have a conversation can be complicated and usually, the loudest voices are not necessarily the ones…

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Power Up! with NSA North Texas

Hosted ByBetti Coffey

Welcome to Power Up! - a show about finding, hearing, and maximizing valuable insights from some of the world's leading business and lifestyle speakers! The National Speakers Association North Texas Chapter has been inspiring others by bringing professional speakers together to share their wisdom and expertise with professionals all over North Texas for over forty years , and now you…

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Rachel Gaffney’s Real Ireland

Hosted ByRachel Gaffney

Bespoke Irish Tour Curator and lover of all things Irish , Rachel Gaffney created Rachel Gaffney's Real Ireland Podcast. Every episode Rachel celebrates Ireland's Hidden Gems, pays homage to the true Irish spirit and highlights the new generation of the island's movers and shakers.

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Savvy, Wise, and Organized

Hosted ByTonia Tomlin, Nicole Arnold

Welcome to Savvy, Wise, and Organized! It's easy to pick out the things in life that matter most, but keeping those things organized can be a real problem. That's where Tonia Tomlin, professional organizer and founder of Sorted Out, and Nicole Arnold, interior designer and founder of Nicole Arnold Interiors, come in. Between Tonia's passion for organizing and Nicole's eye…

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Somewhere in the Middle

Hosted BySeth Denson

It's probably safe to say that politics are a little divisive in our United States. The 24 hour news cycle has drastically altered the way we receive and interpret information, and suddenly we're in a world where Twitter is leading the news. And while some might claim that the truth is relative, it's not hard to realize that people are…

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Southwest Conflict Resolution Network

Hosted ByJosh Hart

SWCRN is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to the facilitation, awareness and advancement of dispute resolution through education, networking and community involvement. This show features advice from professionals in several fields of interest.

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Success from Scratch

Hosted ByMark Johnson

Mark Johnson Chief Operating Officer at JP & Associates REALTORS® hosts 'Success from Scratch', a show featuring inspirational guests who went from zero to hero! Tune in to find out how YOU can set your own blueprint for success!

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The Dallas Bridal Show Podcast

Hosted ByRuthie Stivers

Wedding Bells are Ringing! Welcome to the Dallas Bridal Shows Podcast! Hosted by Ruthie Stivers, The Dallas Bridal Show Podcast is all about all things weddings! Drawing on her 30 years of experience in the wedding scene through Bridal Shows Inc., Ruthie sits down with experts, entrepreneurs, and most importantly, Brides, to talk about the business of getting hitched! Thanks…

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The Dr. John Roland Show

Hosted ByDr. John Roland

Dr. John Roland of Evolution Medicine presents you with interviews and discussions on the leading edge of disease prevention. With training in Biochemistry, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Sports Medicine, Dr. Roland says it's not enough for doctors to simply prescribe medication. We need to get to the root of what's causing disease in the first place.

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The Dr. Melissa Show

Dr. Melissa may be a dentist, but she's here to give her unique perspective on holistic medicine, happiness, dating, leadership, and of course dentistry. Be a fly on the wall for in-depth conversations among friends and co-workers. Dr. Melissa is the owner of Honey Dental.

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The Girlfriends Guide to Senior Living

Hosted ByGail Peacock, Lori Williams

Welcome to The Girlfriends' Guide to Senior Living! Gail Peacock and Lori Williams are passionate about helping families navigate the senior living maze. Each episode they will share with you their wealth of knowledge of senior living, and help you to eliminate the uncertainties you face in your search for senior resources.

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The Lunch Break

Hosted ByJosh Hart, Matt Stoker, Zach Lewis, Ana Xavier

Airing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Real News Communications Network! This is the audio archive of the live show. Learn more at, or search Facebook and YouTube for "Real News Communications Network" to watch the live show.

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The Mike “McGavel” Jones Show

Hosted ByMike "McGavel" Jones

Have you got a passion for auctions? Are you an aspiring auctioneer? Or maybe even a veteran of the chant? If you've got a love for the auction business, you've come to the right place! Welcome to the Mike "McGavel" Jones show! Every Monday Mike Jones draws on his years of experience in and out of the auctioneering business to…

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The Nth Degree Podcast with Tracy Timm

Hosted ByTracy Timm

Want to take your career from stuck to unstoppable? To reach your fullest potential? Well, here's the story they don't tell you. There are no "meteoric rises" to the top. There are no "overnight sensations." Everyone has struggles and challenges they have to overcome. The purpose of this podcast is to shed light on the parts of our stories that…

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What If You Could? with Brian Searcy

Hosted ByBrian Searcy

In an America as big as ours, there's definitely no shortage of problems. And like any mess, the hard fact is that somebody's going to have to clean things up. But we can't always look to Mom and Dad to take care of things for us. Eventually, things will have to be left to the next generation. A generation that's…

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Where’s My Parachute?

Hosted BySteve LaMure

Entrepreneurs take risks. Perhaps the biggest risk of all is stepping away from the safety of a "comfortable" job and striking out on their own. Hear stories of business owners who took the leap and then asked, "Where's my parachute?"

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Your Pets Radio™

Hosted ByLauriston Crockett

Your Pets Radio is the perfect stop for insightful pet news, the greatest viral pet videos and to learn about initiatives that you can get involved in.

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18 Master Values in Parenting

Hosted ByChristine Crockett Smith

Through 18 Master Values: Be the Parent You Wish You'd Had, Christine Crockett Smith seeks to help new parents develop a well thought out path for what they want their children to know when they send them out into the world to make their own way. Many people today are wandering around in a state of spiritual dissonance, having dismissed…

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3rd Eye Thinkers

Hosted ByMegan Benanti, Michelle Welch

Candid conversations about all things metaphysical with 3rd Eye Thinkers Megan Benanti and Michelle Welch. Join the weekly broadcast to learn about the healing properties items such as plants and stones, plus audience requested live readings.

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Acappella Podcast

There are lots of questions when it comes to finding quality senior care for a loved one. Acappella is here to answer those and demystify the process. Learn more at

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