Un Café con su Negocio

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Si usted tiene un pequeño negocio en Dallas ahora tiene compañía para apoyarle. ‘Un café con su negocio’ es un espacio 100% en español para compartir información práctica sobre decisiones importantes sobre su negocio. Nuestros temas giran alrededor de las cuatro C, que son la base para un negocio saludable: Crear, Crecer, Cosechar y Capitalizar.

Meet Your host

Jorge Enderica

Being an emigrant with more than 20 years as a business owner, Jorge Enderica designs and creates this space to have company, exchange ideas and make important decisions around the business area, talking about relevant topics for them.

Before working as an entrepreneur, he had a team that had experience in their areas. When he decided to open up on his own, he realized that this was missing. And there he felt alone. It is there, when the podcast is born, to be able to share information and not be alone in business, knowing and sharing important information in decision making.

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