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North Texas Networkers is a show about connecting people across the DFW Metroplex. As Realtors®, Caralee Gurney and Stacy Revely talk to community influencers, share their inspiring stories, and reveal how and why they shape their local communities.

Hosts Caralee Gurney and Stacy Revely bring you, guests, each episode who make an impact in their communities every day. With Guests like Maria Gurrero of NBC5, former Americas Next Top Model contestant Lisa D’Amato, or former NFL players Romby Bryant and Javiar Collins. North Texas Networkers bridge the gap between communities and businesses.

Meet Your host

Caralee Gurney

Caralee Gurney’s expertise is in Marketing & Sales with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Baylor University. Caralee is a 25+ year resident of Collin County and has an incredible son attending The University of Arkansas. Previous to Plano, Caralee has been working in the industry for many years helping people meet their Real Estate needs. Whether you are purchasing your dream home or selling your current home, Caralee and team can help by offering exceedingly great service. Caralee’s work is her passion…not her “job”. She truly enjoys what she does. She is also active in Collin County Charities and is a graduate of Leadership Plano. These qualities & experiences make her uniquely skilled to assist you in finding your dream home or listing your current home. Feel free to call or text her.Visit Caralee at

Specialties: Building loyal relationships, Marketing, developing creative events, finding dream homes.

Latest episodes

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North Texas

Caralee Gurney and co-host Stacey Revely see buying or selling a home for what it is for many people, a life changing experience. Their goal is for each client to have a personalized experience where all the resources they need are made readily available to navigate the complex process.

The Networkers

Gurney and Revely have met many interesting people in their work. In their show, North Texas Networkers, they have the chance to sit down with some of these people, and hear about the way they are impacting the metroplex. Their guests range from celebrities wives to American Idol Contestants, and everyone in between.

"We know the impact just a little giving back can really make, it makes a huge difference."

Stacey Revely

Ron Bultongez

The women sit down and interview Ron Bultongez, who has an especially unique story. Bultongez was born overseas in the Dominican Republic of Congo, but his family found refuge in America when he was only ten years old. He mentions that he did not realize how serious his family’s situation in Congo was because of his young age. Bultongez rose to fame from appearances on both American Idol and The Voice, but the women discovered him we he performed at a gala they attended.

“Selfless people is what the country needs the most.. Selfish people have torn the country apart, it goes way back… I want to be one of those people who goes over there and enstills hope.”

Ron Bultongez

Bultongez never saw himself as a singer, but after several injuries ended his college football career he took drop out of college to pursue performing. Bultongez tried out for the Voice 3 times, in 3 separate cities, and was rejected each time. He was not discouraged by this, and decided to impulsively pack up and move to Los Angeles. Bultongez travel from LA to New York to try out for American Idol, he was initially rejected during his first audition. However, the casting crew called him a few days later and the judges told him they had made a mistake and invited him to the second round of auditions in Hollywood.

While he was on the show, the city of Plano began rallying behind his “underdog” story and Ron became know as “The Son of Plano.” Now, Ron writes his own music drawing on past experiences and emotions. He is currently working to become a US citizen so he can eventually return to Congo and do humanitarian work

North Texas Networkers – Episode Two

Rob Bultongez

Featured Episodes

Kim Gatlin


On this episode of North Texas Networkers, Caralee Gurney and Stacy Revely sit down with Best-selling author Kim Gatlin to discuss Kim’s journey, Dallas’ social circles…and of course, all about ‘Good Christian Bitches’. Join us!

Mike Hawkins

Former NFL Cornerback

On today’s episode of North Texas Networkers, Caralee Gurney and Stacy Cooper Revely sit down with former American football cornerback Mike Hawkins to learn all about his years as an NFL player, his charity organization ICan Charity, and of course, his journey as a husband and father. 

Meet the Movers
and Shakers

Inaugural Episode

On our inaugural episode we sit down with Bill Shaddock, Owner/CEO of Capital Title and Craig Schrank, President of Willow Bend Mortgage to discuss how they’ve changed their local communities for the better.

Caralee Gurney

Caralee Gurney is a marketing and sales expert with a Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University. She is a team leader of the Mariposa Group, which is a part of Keller Williams Reality Group.

Stacey Revely

Stacey Revely is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration & Marketing. Revely has been a realtor for Keller Williams Frisco Stars group since January 2016.

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