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3rd Eye Thinkers features two psychics, Megan Benanti and Michelle Welch, talking all things metaphysical: ranging from “Mother’s Intuition to “How to Restore Yourself.” Benanti and Welch also do live readings on the show. Take a closer look into what an episode of “3rd Eye Thinkers” looks like.  

Closer Look into Episode 12: Top 10 Misconceptions about Psychics

"If I’m out and about, I am focused on my life. I don’t mean to sound rude, but it’s kind of egocentric for people to think that I’m just going to be checking in on them or anybody else. Like, I don’t know you; are you that important in my life?"

Megan Benanti

In this episode, Welch and Benanti discuss the top 10 misconceptions about psychics. The misconceptions they discussed were: 

  1. What psychics do is bad, that their gift comes from something evil 

Welch explained that many of her friends believe what she does is evil, especially considering their Christian background: 

“When I use [my crystals] for psychic readings, they will think that’s evil. Even though they’re mentioned so many times in the Bible. In Aaron’s breastplate in the Old Testament, in Revelations for the New Jerusalem. They represent the Twelve Tribes of Israel on Aaron’s breastplate in the book of Exodus.

I don’t worship the crystals, but I certainly think they’re beautiful. I also think they have a lot of healing powers and healing properties.”

She then brought out the Azurite crystal, which connections an individual to their intuition. She brought Azurite on the show to help open the audience’s mind to see the truth regarding psychics.  

  1. Everywhere psychics go, they read people’s minds

Welch explained: 

“First of all, I can just tell you I do this all day, and so does Megan. We work pretty hard, so we don’t want to go to the grocery story and read your mind, even if we could do that all day long. We want to shop, so we don’t do that. Sometimes I may start to pick up on something that’s not mine, [but] I don’t get up in anyone else’s business without permission. That is one of my moral ethical codes as a reader, as a psychic.”

Benanti elaborated: 

“If I’m out and about, I am focused on my life. I don’t mean to sound rude, but it’s kind of egocentric for people to think that I’m just going to be checking in on them or anybody else. Like, I don’t know you; are you that important in my life?”

  1. That psychics are all old, kind of fat, unattractive people in broom skirts, that we’re gypsies
Benanti and Welch are both counterexamples to this preconception.
  1. That we’re always correct and know the winning lottery numbers

“Would I really be working if I did?” Benanti clapped back. Enough said.

  1. Are you a fortune teller? 
Short Answer: No.
  1. People who read cards are not necessarily as good as those who just go, ‘Oh, I’m getting this message’
  1. That the magic is in the cards
Not at all.
  1. That we all know our own future
Not that lucky.
  1. That you can’t have more than one person in a room 

Welch explained: 

“Some psychics believe that you can only have one person in a room or that energy from the other personal kind of get in the way. That is not true for me. In fact, I don’t know anybody that it is true for.”

  1. Psychics are scammers or con artists

Benanti weighed in:

“That is like my big number one. There are going to be some of those people out there, but we’re not all that way. I think a lot of people are very genuine with what they do. If you were going to go to a therapist, wouldn’t you want to know something about that person first? Do your homework, look at the reviews, look at their website. There’s going to be a lot of general information about that psychic. I generally find that if people have done their research on me, it’s going to work out pretty darn well.”

  1. Curses and spells 

“Not every psychic does this nor do they remove them. We don’t do that, we don’t operate in that area with our store.” Benanti commented.

Welch wrapped up the episode explaining how the industry like any other: “You just have to do your homework like Megan said, and there are going to be people who are really good at their jobs and love their jobs, and there are people in this business too who maybe want to steer clear of you.”

Top 10 Misconceptions about Psychics

Megan Benanti & Michelle Welch

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Megan Benanti

Benanti’s psychic journey began with a tragic prediction. In 2000, she knew without a doubt that her unborn child was going to die. After finding out she was right, her friends took her out to The Inwood Lounge to try to cheer her up. There she met a psychic reader who told her she would be good at this practice. She went out the next day and got the materials the reader suggested to her.

Michelle Welch

Michelle is the founder and owner of SoulTopia in Dallas, Texas. Although an attorney, she has decided to pursue her soul purpose and is passionate about her calling to assist others in gaining clarity and self-empowerment.

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