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More Like William Disbarred, amiright?

United States Senator and 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand joins Kendall Scudder and Lillian Salerno this week to chat about AG Barr, clean elections, and her run for the presidency.

"The fact of the matter is there's just a bunch of stooges that the President has put into place to protect him..."

Kendall Scudder

"Liar Barr! That's what I'm calling him!"

Lillian Salerno

 Pod Bless The Rabble

The Pod Bless Texas team hosts The Rabble team at our studio in Dallas where we merge our shows to recap the week and get to know our teams better! Who allegedly assaulted a judge? Who’s very particular about their chicken sandwiches? What are the teams obsessed with? Tune in. 


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Kelly Hart

Planned Parenthood

Kelly Hart of Planned Parenthood Greater Texas joins the gang to try and make sense of it all– but can you ever make sense of insanity?

Julie Johnson

State Representative

State Representative and Pod Bless Texas Freshman of the Year Julie Johnson joins us in the studio to debrief on her first legislative session!

Chris Tackett

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Texas Campaign Finance watchdog Chris Tackett joins the team to talk about the folks who bought and paid for our “leaders” in Austin.

Kendall Scudder

Kendall Scudder was the first millennial to be nominated by a major political party for the Texas State Senate. Although he lost, his passion and perseverance through the campaign processing left a lasting impact on Texas politics. Now, Kendall brings that same passion to his show Pod Bless Texas.

Lillian Salerno

Lillian is a serial entrepreneur, activist, mom, and attorney, and has worked for many years behind the scenes both in Texas and Washington DC. Salerno also has experience in running for office which gives her a unique perspective on the Texas and national political landscape.

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