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The Millionaire Mindsets Podcast is a Top 40 Business Podcast in America hosted by Xavier Miller & Deanna Kent. This podcast is primarily focused on promoting the importance of mindset, entrepreneurship, investing, and financial literacy through lively discussions with guests from all over the world.

Meet Your host

Xavier Miller & Deanna Kent

Xavier, the host of the Millionaire Mindsets Podcast, is an ambitious young entrepreneur from Chicago, IL. Upon separating from the United States Air Force, Xavier immersed himself in the business world and quickly found his passion for podcasting and educating the masses on financial literacy.

Deanna, Xavier’s co-host and business partner, is a military veteran as well who shares Xavier’s enthusiasm for podcasting. Deanna possesses a unique interview style that many listeners enjoy. Together, Xavier and Deanna have built one of the most influential business podcasts in the world.

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