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Rachel Gaffney grew up in Cork, Ireland, and moved to the United States in 1996. After moving to America, she noticed that people’s perceptions of Ireland were a little distorted and decided to start Rachel Gaffney’s Real Ireland in 2019 to educate people about the country she loves so dearly. In each episode of her podcast, Rachel celebrates Ireland’s Hidden Gems, pays homage to the true Irish spirit, and highlights the island’s new generation of movers and shakers. She’s had guests such as Nevin McGuire and Catherine Fulvio on her show and has taken her viewers to some of the most breathtaking places in Ireland – from the Dromoland Castle to County Monaghan. And you can’t forget the food! Rachel is continually showcasing the delectable and authentic food Ireland has to offer including Irish soda bread, a variety of soups, and pumpkin pie spice shortbread, just to name a few. Rachel’s goal is to encourage travelers to slow down and take the time to really experience all the beauty that Ireland has to offer. You can watch and listen to Rachel Gaffney’s Real Ireland on a variety of different platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Spreaker, Castbox, Deezer, Podcast Addict, and Podchaser.

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Rachel Gaffney

Rachel began her career at The Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork, Ireland. She worked there part-time whilst waiting to start her first semester at the University of Maynooth to study Food Science & Nutrition. She ended up falling in love with the hospitality industry and never looked back.

In 1996 Rachel moved to the United States. Upon arriving in the States, she noticed there was a lack of quality Irish products and noticed that people’s perception of Ireland was so far removed from the Ireland she knew. She wanted to change that and created an Irish Lifestyle Brand – a brand that would represent the very best Ireland had to offer through food, drink, fashion, household goods, culture, travel, and media & communications.

‘Rachel Gaffney’s Real Ireland’ began with Irish Butter Shortbreads and could be found in stores across the U.S. including chains such as Central Market (HEB) in Texas and Lunds & Byerly’s in Minnesota. The brand has grown exponentially with Rachel continually contributing to Georgina Campbell’s Ireland, curating custom trips to her beloved home for clients, as well as creating content for her podcast, Rachel Gaffney’s Real Ireland.

For more information about Rachel Gaffney, visit https://rachelgaffneys.com/

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