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Hi, I’m Mike Hatten & for over 20 years, I’ve been in a management role that saw me working with other managers from entry-level up to and including the C-Suite. I have been a C-Suite Executive or Senior Manager across a broad industry spectrum. I have built and managed small and large teams. The experiences gained have positioned me to help many other Leaders manage the stresses of not having enough time at work, not enough family time, neglecting their health, and many other challenges magnified by the recent pandemic. The good news is there are solutions to the difficulties you face, and I can help. I founded Human Cornerstone Facilitations, LLC in 2008, based on the need to help managers improve their productivity and that of their team. My only goal is to add significant value to your career path and, more critically, add time back into your work and personal life. I believe you are already a good leader and know how to deploy your strengths in your daily routine. I would like to show you the roadmap to becoming a great leader by harnessing your team’s strengths. If you choose to work with me, we will build an all-encompassing roadmap and an individualized roadmap uniquely designed to help you successfully achieve each goal you set during this process. Please visit my website Welcome to my show, Cornerstone, “Where the foundations of Leadership begin.

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