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Welcome to ‘Doing it Right: The Stories that Make Us’, hosted by author and national news contributor Valerie Sokolosky. On the show, you’ll hear fascinating stories from successful leaders who have lived life “doing it right”, the journey to becoming a leader, and personal experiences that formed their character, drive, impact, and influence. Their stories of authenticity will inspire you!

Building cultures through authentic leadership Your presence –– your communication — your brand
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Meet Your host

Valerie Sokolosky

They say passion is a driver for success. That’s true for me and why I started Valerie & Company.

With an early career in broadcasting (since age 16!). I had an insatiable curiosity about people—what brought them success, what were their unique gifts and strengths, what stories fueled their careers? That’s what I loved about interviewing—and I was passionate about uncovering their best!
My curiosity led me to find in people what is called today their “brand.”

My broadcasting and journalism career had halted while my IBM executive husband and I moved around the country with our three children. During those years, I was given the opportunity to open and operate a charm school! What fun to teach others HOW to be their best—by learning how to communicate effectively, how to present a professional image, how to have social graces, and how to exude a leadership presence.
Little did I imagine that experience would give me the expertise to found, grow and sustain Valerie & Company for more than 25 years now! With eight books authored on leadership and presence, our company is known for speaking, training and coaching on all aspects of professional presence and business development.

Our sweet spot is working with companies who seek to develop their talent and grow their business.

The call is often the same. “We need a program on how to show up exuding an executive presence. We want to smooth out some rough edges and be more polished in how we communicate!” Or, “We need our team to function more collaboratively and communicate more openly.” Or, “We need the skills to give more impactful presentations.”

We believe in customizing so that our engagement meets our clients’ outcomes for a program, keynote, or executive coaching engagement. Our Blue Chip client list is testimony to our results.

We help emerging and established leaders build a strong personal brand and executive presence that create trust relationships both internally and in the marketplace. You’ll hear Valerie say, “People buy YOU first, then they buy what you do! It’s all about how well you build relationships.”

Whatever the need, our philosophy is to uncover the “little things” that can make a “big” difference. We fill the gap between successful and mediocre—with Presence!

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