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The show that connects community volunteers, agencies and leaders together to make a real connection that results in meaningful changes to the people of our community.

About the Podcast

Janie Bordner decided to start this show to connect with people in her community who have been personally affected by tragedy. About eleven years ago Janie was in a tragic accident, and had to relearn basic everyday functions like walking and talking. She spent about three years in rehab, and realized the difficulty of starting over after a tragedy. Her co host, Sarissa Padrel, was a child of poverty and works to help families in similar situations.

“I think it’s really important that everyone finds what they think is important and how they would like to give back, because really we are all in this together… We try to connect with other people and agencies together to do one thing… To punch poverty in the face.”

Janie Bordner

Closer Look into Community Connect

On Episode 2 of Community Council former students of the Skill Quest program, Lauren and Rosemary, join Bordner and Padrel. Rosemary graduated nursing school a few weeks prior and is currently preparing for her first big obstacle post college, the NCLEX test.  The NCLEX, Rosemary explains, is a state board test you have to pass to become a registered nurse. After she aces this test, she plans to begin work at Angel Wings. Lauren has worked for Texas Oncology for about five years and recently took on a supervisor role.  

The Skill Quest Program allowed both women to get where they are today. 

The Skill Quest Program is a unique experience to every individual. The first step is meeting with a counselor and telling them your story. From there they look for unique solutions to help you face whatever obstacle is in front of you. 

“We are moving families forward, and leaving poverty behind."

Rosemary is the single mother of a three year old, and describes how without Skill Quest it would not have been possible for her to pay for the majority of her education including tuition, books, testing fees, nursing packets  etc. Lauren sought help from Skill Quest when after her separation she needed help paying for her tuition while supporting five children under the age of 9. 

Skill Quest, not only helped the women out financially, but also connected them with child care services, provided toys for their children. This allowed Lauren and Rosemary the time to focus on school, and their children in equal parts. 

Padrel asks all the women at, “If you could talk to yourself five years ago  what would you say to yourself, now that you have some perspective?”

All three women have different tidbits of advice. Rosemary says, that she wished she would have taken a leap of faith and gone to nursery school sooner. Lauren says she would have reminded herself that things can change in a heartbeat, to have faith and things will get better. Lastly Bordner says she would have simply told herself not to sweat the small stuff. 

At the end of the conversation the group discusses what can be done to help the community, and in particular single moms. They agree that the availability of more resources, in any form, would be extremely helpful.  Lastly, the want single moms to know that in order to get help you have to ask for it. “You can’t be worse off by asking for help.”

Both women who were helped by Skill Quest are now working to give back to their community, and help people who are struggling in similar way they were struggling. This inspirational episodes highlights the domino effect of helping others.

Taking A Look at the Face of Poverty

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Janie Bordner

Bordner currently functions as CEO of Community Council. She's an executive with a successful track record spanning over 20 years of leading diverse program and management teams and implementing innovative business development programs.

Her mission is to clear a path for low to moderate income adults living in Dallas, Collin, and contiguous counties to jobs paying a family living wage with benefits and a career path, while providing local employers with a highly skilled workforce ready to work. Our vision is of a future in which every person has access to the highest quality education to develop their full potential at affordable costs.

Sarissa Padrel

Sarissa Padrel is Bordner's co-host for the Community Connect podcast!

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