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Shouldn’t that be illegal? Can I sue for that? How could the jury find them innocent?? If you’ve ever found yourself asking those questions, Austin Pennington and Andrea Seffens Turner are here to give you the inside look at what’s really going on in today’s legal system. From mild annoyances to headline-grabbing trials, they’ll break down the issues at play and take you inside the legal code when things just aren’t making sense. If it’s trending in law or business, you can bet it’s #Lawyered!

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Austin Pennington - #Lawyered

Austin Pennington

Austin Pennington is a trial attorney who uses his experience in the courtroom to counsel his clients with their day to day legal needs as well as represent them at trial. Austin realized he possessed a passion for the courtroom and decided to use this drive to advocate for his clients whether it is a company’s complex business lawsuit, an individual facing criminal allegations, or a family going through a divorce or custody battle. Prior to founding The Pennington Firm, Austin worked for a large Dallas law firm where the majority of his experience focused on business fraud and negligence cases as well as complex contract disputes. During this time, Austin gained valuable experience navigating the courtroom and counseling clients on approaching litigation with the company’s strategic business plans in mind. He also spent much of his free time consulting small businesses and start-up companies on their goals, business plans, and strategic positioning to grow their companies. This valuable experience gives Austin the insight to both advise company clients on their day to day legal needs, as well as go to battle for them when faced with a business dispute. In addition, Austin fights passionately for his clients who are facing criminal charges and others encountering divorce and child custody battles. Austin understands the emotional and legal stresses that criminal charges and family disputes entail. He not only steps into his clients’ corner to fight for them with fervor, but he is also available to his clients every step of the way to help avoid uncertainty and bring clarity to the process. Outside of the Firm, Austin spends a lot of his time developing and teaching goal setting and leadership training for young adults. His enthusiasm for working with others to solve problems is only outweighed by his obsession with Texas Tech Red Raider Football.

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