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To achieve success, do what successful people do.

This show will teach you the habits, strategies, and mindsets of the world’s greatest leaders.

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Julian Placino

Julian Placino

Over the years, I’ve invested thousands of dollars and hours into books, seminars, and personal coaching to learn the secrets to success.

Growing up, I was not exactly a scholarly student. As a matter of fact, I almost didn’t graduate my senior year of high school because of my poor attendance. During my Freshman year of college, I was placed in remedial math and reading courses because of my terrible SAT scores.

Looking back on this experience, I realized I wasn’t stupid. I just didn’t like arbitrarily learning things. On the flip side, when I’d be exposed to an outcome that I wanted to create in my own life, I’d turn into somewhat of a savant learner, tireless action taker, and bold risk taker. This revealed to me a primary truth about success, you MUST have a compelling reason, purpose, or “why” behind any endeavor you take on in life. Otherwise, you are just going through motions, living life arbitrarily, and most likely being a cog in someone else’s goal attainment.

The more I searched within myself about what I wanted to create in life, the more I was drawn to entrepreneurship. My entrepreneurial journey has been filled with great successes, humbling failures and lots of learning. I’ve been involved in real estate investing, internet marketing, network marketing, business brokering, voiceovers, acting, public speaking, online training, and personal coaching.

The goals with most of my early ventures were superficial and motivated by money. I was fortunate to experience some positive financial success and quadrupled my income since the beginning of my career. However, I still didn’t feel like I was doing my best work. I felt like I could do more, create more, and serve more.

So I decided to completely change my priorities. I asked myself, “What would it look like if I was to create something that I truly loved and didn’t worry about making money?”

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