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We provide sales leadership and sales consulting to teams, managers and executives who are looking for a proven approach to business development.

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A 360 View - Chris Goade

Chris Goade

Chris Goade has a history of building world-class sales organizations. With over 25 years of real-world experience, Chris developed the ability to establish world-class sales organizations that deliver revenue and profit growth for small and large companies.

Prior to co-founding 360 Consulting, Chris held roles at companies in the beverage, bottled water, coffee, and technology industries. Chris’ blend of large corporate experience with companies like Dr. Pepper/7-Up, 3M and Cott Beverages combined with his time in startups and SMBs has given him a unique skill set for setting strategies and tactics with laser execution.

Chris possesses keen insight and expertise in sales, business development, sales management, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, product development, distribution, training, P&L management, budgeting, and team building. Chris is a leader, innovator and change agent who utilizes his razor-sharp skills to help your company achieve record-breaking sales results.

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