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Junior Wakefield is a dedicated personal trainer who strives to get everyone to see the greatness they have inside of themselves. Join Junior as he sits down and talks with some of the people who define greatness in our generation.

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Junior Wakefield

Junior Wakefield was a personal trainer and coach with Beast City Bootcamp for years until he started his own personal training business called Texas Sweat Fitness. He has clients from all areas of the DFW Metroplex, including RNPR’s own Jeff Crilley. Junior likes to emphasize ingenuity and creativity in his workouts, especially by making use of the outdoors, the environment, and less-than-usual workout equipment. After seeing several clients make remarkable physical transformations, Junior started taking note of the great things that people are able to achieve when they set their mind to it, and it is these people with these incredible stories that Junior wants to bring attention to through his podcast.

Junior recently started a catering business with one such client, Patricia Dixon, who shed nearly 75lbs in 8 months. Together, they try to create healthy and creative meal options that are both nutritious and tasty. Their goal is to show people that being healthy doesn’t have to be boring or expensive. They cater to clients throughout the DFW area, including RNPR’s staff.

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