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Profit Peak for Entrepreneurs is focused on how entrepreneurs achieve the American Dream. In this show, we interview successful entrepreneurs, learn from business thought leaders, and pay attention to events and trends that impact our businesses. Join us as we demonstrate that the American Dream is alive and well to those courageous enough to take the journey.

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Peter Baldwin

Peter is a pioneer and thought leader in the Fractional CFO Services Industry, having spent nearly 20 years upgrading the operational finance and accounting departments in over 32 privately held, family-owned businesses in a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, professional services, and entertainment. He is the author of ’Profit Peak for Entrepreneurs’ and host of the show of the same name.’ His next book to be released in 2021 is titled: ‘Winning in Business: Seven Leadership Secrets from the Battlefield.’ He is a former Big 4 management consultant and a frequent presenter at industry associations seeking his strategic finance and enterprise leadership expertise.

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