The Girlfriends' Guide to Senior Living

Welcome to The Girlfriends’ Guide to Senior Living! Gail Peacock and Lori Williams are passionate about helping families navigate the senior living maze. 

Each episode, Gail and Lori will help you eliminate the uncertainties you face in your search for senior resources.

"Hey, I'm going to go preheat my oven," Gail Peacock giggles. Lori Williams responds in resignation, "Y'all can just imagine what that means..." "Set it up to four hundred!"

These laughs exchanged in episode 11 offer a glimpse into “The Girlfriends’ Guide to Senior Living” podcast.

Peacock and Williams are passionate about helping families navigate the senior living maze. Each episode, they share their wealth of knowledge of senior living and help you eliminate uncertainties in your search for senior resources.

Williams’ grandmother was diagnosed with dementia. Her grandmother had limited income, and Lori saw first hand the struggle her mother and aunt went through trying to find resources to assist their mother. When her grandmother passed away at the age of 101, Lori was there holding her hand. She was so inspired by all of the kind people working with home care and hospice that she and her family had met through her grandmother’s journey. She felt very drawn to senior living and sought out an opportunity working as a Sales Counselor at a local Independent/Assisted Living operation. From the first day, Lori knew that working with seniors was what she was meant to do. She could really connect with the seniors and their families and made many close friendships with these families that exist today.

After her children were born, she took a job working from home for a national senior referral service. This position provided Lori experience working with a variety of senior living arrangements: Independent, Assisted, Memory Care, Residential Care Home. She also learned about VA Benefits, Home Care, Hospice, Medicare, Medicaid, helping seniors in every scenario imaginable and guiding them to the resources they needed. 
After five years, Lori decided it was time to take a break but continued volunteering and assisting friends and neighbors with questions about their senior family members. 

Finally, in March of 2018, Lori decided it was time to launch her own senior referral service. Her service took off with a bang, and the business has grown beyond her expectations. 

In November 2018, she partnered with her friend Gail Peacock to create the podcast, “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Senior Living.” Each episode, the pair shares their wealth of knowledge of senior living, helping families eliminate the uncertainties faced in the search for senior resources. 

Featured Episodes

No More Driving? Now what?

Driving is key to freedom, and giving up that freedom is something really hard to do, especially when one’s getting older and wants to remain independent. 
But when dementia looms on the horizon, mobility issues arise and fears kick in – you may feel like you have no other choice.
On this episode, Lori and Gail share their experiences helping families deal with this matter, and guide you through some really key strategies to helping you drive this conversation home safely.

Starting the Conversation

What happens when it’s time to have those difficult conversations with our seniors? Your Girlfriends Gail and Lori break it down and explain the importance of following the three ‘A’s.

Hacking Happiness

Happiness is a personal journey that you design for the present: it isn’t static and it doesn’t live on someone else’s home. Join Gail and Lori as they break down the best ways to hack into Happiness, and to shape a life that you’re proud of living!

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