Celebrity Interviews with Milk and Cookies

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The Show

Milk and cookie interviews hosted by Lauriston Lee Crockett IV!

Your favorite stars will be seen in a whole new light after being interviewed by eight-year-old Lauriston IV with important questions and also questions you always wanted to ask.

Meet Your host

Lauriston Lee Crockett IV

Lauriston Lee Crockett IV is considered the youngest podcaster in America.

He is in second grade and wants to be able to interview people and find out the beautiful things they have the offer for his career.

Born Lauriston Lee Crockett IV, April 14, 2011.

He recorded his first radio commercial at the age of five.

Lauriston IV loves music and dancing and accomplished his red belt in American karate by the time he was six years old.

Lauriston also loves to fish, play ice hockey and loves meeting new people.

He loves to collect hot wheels and play Minecraft.

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