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Real Estate Divas is a weekly talk show with Jer’Leigh Thompson & Kristin Gerst, discussing a wide variety of topics within real estate investing.;Jer’Leigh Thompson;Instagram: /​;Facebook:…;Website:;Kristin Gerst;Instagram:;Facebook:…;Website:;Real Estate…;See More;Divas;Instagram:…;Facebook:…;JER’LEIGH THOMPSON;Do You Need A Licensed Real Estate Broker In The DFW Area? Do You Need Help With Renting, Selling, And Buying Property? Get help with me! My name is Jerleigh Thompson and you can contact me at for any advice you need! Thanks.;KRISTIN GERST;Would You Like To Sell Your Mortgage Note? Would You Like To Invest In A Mortgage Note?;Hello, My name is Kristin Gerst and I manage Capricorn Mortgage Investments. We’ll turn your note into a bid in less than 24 hours! Want Note Education? Log on to my website at for more information. Thank you!

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