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Welcome to Power Up! – a show about finding, hearing, and maximizing valuable insights from some of the world’s leading business and lifestyle speakers! 

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The National Speakers Association North Texas Chapter has been inspiring others by bringing professional speakers together to share their wisdom and expertise with professionals all over North Texas for over forty years, and now you can hear them from all over the world!

Each week, international keynote speaker and NSA North Texas President Betti Coffey sits down with some of the most exciting speakers this side of the globe to hear from these subject matter experts what’s making a difference in business today and learn all there is to know about people, profits, and productivity in business from some of the world’s best motivators!

"This show is going to give you the opportunity to hear some of the cutting-edge topics, issues, [and] messages that organizations want."

Betti Coffey

Featured Episodes

Derrich Phillips

Resiliency Expert

What does it mean to be “resilient?” Most folks would say it’s your ability to recover quickly, or to withstand difficulty; to weather the storm. And when it comes to getting through the tough times, it’s not how tough things can get, but how resilient you are that really matters. Just ask Derrich Phillips. He’s a Resiliency Expert and a speaker for TEDx Plano, and he does it all on the back of a career built from poverty to 3 combat tours in Iraq and 2 combat tours in Afghanistan- and he’s got a few professional cyber security certifications too! 

Bill Wallace

Success North Dallas

Everybody has a mentor at some point in their lives. For many of us, it might be a teacher in school or a leader at the office or maybe even a good friend. But when it comes to success, you might be surprised just how vital a mentor can be. Just ask Bill Wallace. He’s the President of Success North Dallas, an organization dedicated to provided a thought-provoking, educational, mutually supportive environment for it’s members and guests.
Bruce Arfsten Final crop jpg4

Bruce Arfsten

Life Coach

One of the biggest challenges in any organization is getting good people to come work with you, and then making them want to stay. Have you ever heard of DiSC? Bruce Arfsten is a seasoned trainer, speaker, coach and real estate sales professional. As an “Everything DiSC Certified Facilitator”, Bruce specializes in working with organizations to help them improve internal relationships and communication. But how can it help you?

Betti Coffey

Betti Coffey is an expert speaker, motivator and influencer. With over 30 years of corporate experience, Betti has held numerous management, executive leadership and director positions as a business growth leader. Betti is the president of the North Texas chapter of the National Speakers Association.

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