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On this podcast we’re going to provide you with information to keep your body and mind in top, peak physical condition in an environment of sedentary work environments. It is our perspective that blood flow is equal to cash flow, and if you cut off the blood flow you cut off the cash flow.

Your host is Dr. Stephen Newhart with Science Based Body.

Meet Your host

Dr. Stephen Newhart

Dr. Stephen Newhart has 15 years of fitness experience with a Doctorate in Kinesiology with a focus in movement and rehabilitation sciences. Stephen’s research focus is exploring the effects of whole body vibration on general population body function, bone density, neural activity and strength.

Stephen approaches training with compassion and understanding for those who do not currently benefit from health and wellness. His goal is to continue helping transform people’s lives through applied science-based knowledge and training, while continuing to grow his Centers with the most qualified professionals in Texas. Stephen takes pride in his staff, and considers himself lucky to grow, teach, and learn with every professional he works with. He’s the president and CEO of Vigor Active in Fort Worth.

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