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Closer Look into CEO Money: Episode 71 with Brittany Burtz

On episode 71, which aired live on May 21, 2019, Michael Yorba sat down with Brittany Burtz to discuss her immense professional success. Burtz, an expert in holistic nutrition and psychology, is a founding member of Economic Transformation Technologies (ETT) and the founder and CEO of Universal Tutor.

Burtz’s background in neuro-linguistic programming showed her the impact of using positive psychology in adults and young adults. She then took her knowledge of adult and young adult behaviors and used them to positively imprint on young children, which lead to the founding of Universal Tutor. Burtz explained Universal Tutor as a tool that can serve as the foundation of economic growth in evolving the education industry.  Her dream was to help children establish the ability to have high self esteem, resulting in more meaningful, connected relationships. School boards across the country, both state and private, have started to acknowledge the value of social and emotional learning. Also, school boards in India, China and other countries are searching for a program that can upgrade their education and help apply these soft skills.

“There have already been amazing studies done when you take a student and start to teach them about themselves, so they have self esteem, self awareness, critical thinking,” said Burtz. “What they see is massive growth in that child when they learn more about themselves.”

Countries that have applied these programs are the same countries that are top ranked in the “happiness quota.” This means people in these countries have the highest “happiness” or satisfaction with their life.

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Brittany Burtz

Vice President of ETT

Brittany Burtz is an accomplished entrepreneur, educator, and expert in holistic nutrition and psychology. She is a founding member and the Vice President of ETT (Economic Transformation Technologies). She is also the founder and CEO of Universal Tutor, an education technology company and ETT subsidiary.

Justin Fenchel

BeatBox Beverages

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Michael Yorba

“How do you see the industry sector [of education] evolving…is our society going to a flip-flop?”

Brittany Burtz

“We are going to see things change. They have to change.”

Michael Yorba

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