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Claire Billingsley is a helper. She’s been a teacher, a volunteer, a mentor, and previous Board Chair for the Professional Leadership Program at the University of North Texas Business College. Through every position she held in the corporate world, it has always been “people before paperwork.” So after years in (and out of) the business of helping others, Claire’s trying something new. And on Coffee with Claire, she’ll be combining all the things she loves most – education,business, giving back, and most importantly, FUN! So follow the fun and tune in to Coffee with Claire! New episodes every Friday at 9am CST – there’s never a dull moment on Coffee with Claire!

Closer Look into Coffee with Claire

Billingsley relaunched the third season of her show with Real News Communications Network on October 7, 2018 and has since recorded close to 20 episodes in the RNCN studios. Since partnering with RNCN, Billingsey noticed that her audience “at least quadrupled.” On the first episode of season three, Billingsley discusses the challenges she faced after season two, and the journey to getting Coffee with Claire back on air. On season three, episode one, Paul Maynard, who is Billingsley’s communication director, interviews Claire to fill in old and new audiences about Coffee with Claire’s hiatus.  

Claire Billingsley kicked off her fourth season of Coffee with Claire on April 5, 2019. On season four, episode two, Claire sat down with Von Daniel to discuss “making a living from laughter.” Von Daniel owns the Comedy Arena in Dallas and has managed to combine making a living with having a good time. Von Daniel dressed to impress during his interview, in a velvet red bathrobe! Being the owner of a comedy club, Coffee with Claire was filmed a bit earlier than Daniel was used to waking up. However, he has almost gotten used to it because it was his third appearance on the show and he came prepared with his own Keurig on set. Not only did he come with his bathrobe and Keurig, Von also whipped out some breakfast cakes. All this only three minutes in to the episode!

Von worked a nine-to-five for 25 years before he left to pursue his hobby with the Comedy Arena. The idea of opening a Comedy Club never would have occurred to a college-aged Von, who saw himself working as a designer in marketing for the rest of his life. Von and Claire both enjoy improv comedy, and met through different improv events. One particular group, Comedy Sports, is a clean comedy group that avoids all profanity in their stand up acts. Apple, Amazon, Southwest Airlines and Nike are just a few clients that Von and his group preform for because of their HR friendly approach to comedy.

Laughter echoes through the microphone this entire episode, projecting through both Von and Claire’s vibrant energy. Watch this twenty-three minute episode to get a more in depth description of how Von became successful in his industry or check out his previous episodes with Coffee with Claire.

Making a Living from Laughter

Von Daniel

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Claire Billingsley

Claire Billingsley is a speaker, author, businesswoman and leadership coach, whose goal is to inspire women with “Love, Laughter and Lightness” on her talk show Coffee with Claire. Though she takes on many different roles, her main focuses are education, business and health. She aims to feature people and organizations that are accomplishing amazing things, and also giving back to their community.

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