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Fashion designer Ruby Bhandari brings in industry experts, successful professionals and life crafters on Design Your Life.

Ruby Bhandari, fashion designer and owner of Silk Threads, started the “Design Your Life” show on February 28, 2019 with Real News Communications Network as a way to connect with her growing fashion fan base.   During her show, she shares hot tea with her guests every other week, as they discuss different ways to “Design Your Life.” 

Closer Look into Design your Life

On the seventh episode Bhandari shares tea with Victor Abraham, Chairman and CEO of SkyPass Travel. Abraham first thought about getting into the travel agency when he was a young boy, watching his father work for a small travel company in Mumbai.

“He always told people to get out of town! Go have fun and enjoy – and that’s what got into me to try and do the same thing, but in a much more extensive manor.” 

Abraham has been traveling since he was a child, but recently has been traveling much more frequently Bhandari asked him what his most interesting travel experience has been so far, after which he notes there have been several interesting experiences in his “travel life.”

Finally, Abraham narrows down his most interesting experience to a trip two decades ago with a Bollywood celebrity’s wife.  On this particular trip Abraham had the opportunity to help this woman, navigate through the city and on his arrival home her husband called him up! 

“Victor why don’t you come to play tennis with me?” 

This entire interaction opened quite a few doors for Abraham, allowing him to meet celebrities all over the world and expand his business to what it is today.  Bhandari mentions that the combination of Abraham’s contagious personality and the timing of his professional career brought him this status of success. Abraham is over following with small tidbits of advice and motivation, but one really stands out in this episode. 

“Well I always say, time decides who you meet in life, the heart decides who you want in life, and the attitude decides who stays in your life.”

Bollywood and the Travel Industry

Victor Abraham

Chief Executive Officer and President of The Skypass Group


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Ruby Bhandari

Ruby Bhandari is the founder and owner of Silk Threads Inc. Bhandari's high-end fashionable ethnic wear is now sold in over 400 boutiques in over 30 cities between the United States and Canada.

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