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Second Shot is about taking today’s headlines and pulling a life lesson from news of the day. The RNCN team loves the insight Heath, Jenny, Zach, and Matt bring to each episode. The show is thought-provoking, engaging and conversational. 

"Would you sit in jail for $32,000 a year?"

It Pays to be Original — Episode 119

On this episode of Second Shot, the team talks about how much their freedom costs to them and how much a year of their life is valued at.

"Think about it this way- the courts have now put a price on what freedom is worth. Sleeping in until noon. Applying for the job you want. Finding the love of your life. Going out and getting some vitamin D from the sun. The cost of your freedom? Really? $32K? ..$15.00 an hour? There is no money amount. There is no price we can put on our actual freedom. If you are sitting here today wondering, gosh there is nothing out there for me.. Think about it."

Jenny Anchondo

"All of the people that have their side hustle going, listen up. I had it down to a science in sales, every time I picked up the phone in sales I broke it down to averages. $71 per phone call. How much easier was it for me to pick up that phone- even though the money wouldn't come for several weeks.. break down how much that is worth."

Heath Oakes

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Heath Oakes

Heath Oakes is a millennial mogul whose Ignorance on Fire led him to fail his way to success.

Jenny Anchondo

Jenny Anchondo is an Emmy-award winning journalist whose sharp eye and biting wit have led to her storied career in television.

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