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The Dallas Bridal Show Podcast is all about all things weddings! Drawing on her 30 years of experience in the wedding scene through Bridal Shows Inc., Ruthie sits down with experts, entrepreneurs, and most importantly, Brides, to talk about the business of getting hitched!

Closer Look into the Dallas Bridal Show Podcast

On her first episode of The Dallas Bridal Show Podcast, Stivers talked with representatives from several of the 300 businesses present at the 30 year anniversary of the Dallas Bridal Show.

She first talked with Ms. Lisa Stengel, representative of Mary Kay. First, Stivers asked why a bride would choose Mary Kay:

“When a woman chooses Mary Kay, she’s choosing to work with an entrepreneur who is a trusted advisor for her skincare regiment. She will receive a customized skincare regiment that is perfect for her situation and her skin because we have all the skincare supplements and lines that are necessary to give her the bridal glow.”

Next, Stengel presented products from Mary Kay’s skincare line that will be showcased at the bridal show. 


“Right now, we are wrapping up building a 150 million dollar manufacturing plant in Lewisville, Texas. Our products are made in the good old state of Texas. Mary Kay does over 500,000 tests on our products to make sure the highest standards of quality, safety, and performance.”

She then went on to present the TimeWise 3D skincare line, with a 4-in-1 cleanser, day and night creams, with sunscreen and anti-aging ingredients respectively, and eye cream for the bride to be. 

After over a hundred bridal shows, Stengel esteemed that she keeps coming back because she “love[s] the relationships I’ve built with the brides and the women who are also involved in the bridal show.”

Next, Stivers brought in the ‘celebrity’ wedding planner Donnie Brown to talk about the wedding planning process. She opened by asking what the advantages of having a wedding planner were.

“Would you do dental surgery on yourself? … The wedding industry is a complex creature, and there’s a lot of details and stuff that goes on. So a wedding planner takes care of all of that for you. They also get you better deals than you can get on your own. I send a lot of weddings to a photographer, so he cuts me a better rate for the service than he would for you because I’m a repeat customer.”

What are some overlooked expenses?

“When you go to a hotel or a venue and they tell you ‘this is your food and beverage minimum,’ clients come in all the time thinking, ‘well, that’s all it’s going to cost.’ That’s not what it’s going to cost; that’s just the minimum you have to pay. 

Plus, there’s a 22% service charge/gratuity plus tax, so you’re looking at 30 percent on every dollar in addition to what it says the total is.”

Not everybody has to come to your wedding. Every person dilutes the budget [and] reduces the value of the wedding. So just bring the people you care about, and don’t be afraid to tell somebody ‘you can’t bring a guest.'”

Finally, she sat down with Butch Stivers of Delicious Cakes in Addison, Texas, to talk about wedding cakes. 

“Today, wedding cakes are really the ultimate vehicle for self-expression. Most brides like to see a cake that ties nicely with the decor.”

He also explained some of the new trends in the wedding cakes:

“In the Dallas/Fort-Worth metroplex, there are a lot of new venues pop up on the outskirts of town, and a lot of those are doing country themes. So we see a lot of what I call “Country Chic” wedding cakes, where they’re naked [and] decorated with fruit [and] flowers.”

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Stivers is a co-founder and co-owner of Delicious Cakes, a bakery based in Addison, Texas. She also works as the Director of Sponsorships and Media Relations for Bridal Shows Inc., the third largest Bridal Show in the United States. Bridal Shows, Inc. is a well-established consumer trade show production company giving brides a one-stop wedding planning experience to plan their complete wedding in one weekend at one location and providing the wedding businesses the best marketing tool to build their bridal business. Bridal Shows, Inc. produces the following events: Dallas Bridal Show™, Plano Bridal Show™, Fort Worth Bridal Show™, Las Colinas Bridal Show, Irving Bridal Show, and Allen Bridal Show.

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