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Liffort Hobley

President of the NFL Alumni Association - Dallas

From playing in college with LSU Football, and then professionally with the St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Dolphins, Liffort has had an extraordinary career on and off of the football field. Now the President of NFL Alumni-Dallas Chapter, Liffort’s community efforts expand much further than just a sport.

Ellis Liddell

President of ELE Wealth Management

Ellis has been in the financial services industry since 1980. He formed his own company, Ellis Liddell Enterprises, in 1990 which formed the foundation for what is today ELE Wealth Management. Mr. Liddell presents complex financial information in layman’s terms and is very knowledgeable in the areas of retirement and income planning.

Phillip J. Romano

Founder of Fuddruckers and Romano's Macaroni Grill

Philip is an investor, entrepreneur, artist, and nationally-renowned restaurateur. He’s been involved in the restaurant business for more than 50 years, created over 25 concepts and received numerous honors. Phil and his team serve underserved and food insecure children within the Dallas communities through his Hunger Busters program. 

Jay Young

“We’re going to talk about how Phil became healthy, and wealthy, and wise … He’s got a great life plan in his new book M.A.D. What’s MAD? Are you mad?!”

Phillip J. Romano

“Making A Difference! I’m M.A.D everyday! I’m trying to make people M.A.D too, Jay … I’m M.A.D. I make other people M.A.D. I make other people M.A.D. by being an entrepreneur.”

Jay Young

Jay Young has a lifelong passion for the oil and gas business. His family has been in the business for over 100 years. His affinity for the oil patch led Mr. Young to found King Operating Corporation. King’s business model is designed to minimize risk by acquiring and developing in areas with a long history of producing oil and gas. Mr. Young and his associates developed a unique method for the oil and gas business to acquire scalable assets in a proven field, utilize equity to start and debt to prove up the field and divest to a larger company.

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