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Have you got a passion for auctions? Are you an aspiring auctioneer? Or maybe even a veteran of the chant? If you’ve got a love for the auction business, you’ve come to the right place! 

The McGavel

Nicknamed “McGavel,” master auctioneer Mike Jones interviews different guest every Monday on his show ‘The Mike McGavel Jones Show’. Coming from humble beginnings in a small Texas town give Jones a unique perspective interviewing a wide variety of guests ranging from fashion expert Victoria Snee to real estate broker Nick Bristow. Jones now serves as the full-time President of United Country Auction Services and as a certified instructor at America’s Auction Academy. 

Episode Spotlight

The Mike McGavel Jones Show premiered at Real News Communications on August 27, 2018 and Jones has recorded thirty-seven shows since then. In his inaugural episode Jones discussed the exhilarating experience of bidding at an auction compared to buying things offline or straight from a store. Jones strongly believes that the art of auction is not going anywhere, and explains exactly how he found his own foothold in the industry. 

On a more recent show, A Passion for Painting Episode 36, Jones interviewed Lance Brown, an artist known for his performance speed paintings that spread the gospel. Brown always had a passion for drawing, inspired by his mothers artistic ability. After high school Brown earned a degree in Graphic Design and got a job with Dr. Pepper after graduation. Initially Brown enjoyed his career as a graphic designer, seeing his designs for Dr. Pepper in big stadiums and on billboards. Several years later he started to get burnt out on his routine and missed the creative outlet he sought out as a child. Seeking inspiration Brown started to experiment with painting, and after building his skills submitted a painting of Christ into a local Church competition. The minister of his church saw his work and asked Brown to recreate this imagine on stage during the service, which Brown initially turned down. After some thought, and divine intervention, Brown decided to take his minister up on the offer… and the rest is history! 

A Passion for Painting

Lance Brownthe 

Featured Episodes

Cody Shelley

World Auto Auctioneer Champion

Mike interviews Cody Shelley, the new World Auto Auctioneer Champion. What led him to being an auctioneer, and what did he learn at America’s Auction Academy?

Cody Shelley is the founder and CEO of Shelley Auction Services. Cody is the lead auctioneer
conducting a variety of auctions nationwide including: Six weekly auto auctions, purebred cattle
auctions, quarter horse auctions and serving as the lead auctioneer/manager for Equify
specializing in heavy equipment.

Barrett Bray

Grand Champion

Today on the show, Mike invites Barrett Bray, 2009 Texas Auction Academy Graduate, and this year’s International Auctioneer Champion on to the show to talk about his journey through the academy and what he’s been up to since his ascension to Auction Champion in July.

Sid Miller

Texas Agricultural Commissioner

He’s the Texas Agricultural Commissioner right here in our lone-star state, but you might know him more recently from his appearances on television standing next to President Trump. And this week on a very special episode of The Mike McGavel Jones Show, Mike’s sitting down with Sid to talk about building walls, tearing down monuments, and how Sid’s love for our Lone-Star State has led him to be speaking at President Trump’s podium at the recent rally in El Paso!

Mike Jones

Mike "McGavel" Jones is a professional auctioneer and licensed real estate broker. He is also the president of the United Country Auction Services. He is the former president of the National Auctioneers Association.

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