⭐️ How To Settle Your Divorce At *Mediation* – With Tena Callahan | Jennifer Hargrave Show E61

Episode 61 of The Jennifer Hargrave Show is here! Today we are talking all about settling your divorce at mediation. What is it, why should people consider it, and what benefits does it have? Let’s discuss this and much more with Judge Tena Callahan. http://CallJudgeCallahan.com

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Family Law Solutions That Meet Your Family’s Needs:

No matter how complex your situation seems, Hargrave Family Law can provide trustworthy counsel to help you and your family emerge from this challenge ready to begin the next chapter of your life.

Collaborative Divorce — Divorcing couples are often choosing to work together rather than against each other throughout the process. Learn more about collaborative divorce and how it can help you end your marriage with peace and dignity.

Divorce — Our team believes that divorce doesn’t have to be a battle that tears the family further apart. While we’re equipped and ready to stand up for you in Court if needed, we’ll work hard to find the most peaceful solution possible for your family.

Prenuptial Agreements — Resolve issues before marriage to give your relationship a healthy start. We help engaged clients prepare and negotiate prenuptial agreements.

Cohabitation Agreements — When an unmarried couple decides to live together, a cohabitation agreement can help them protect their assets and enter the next stage of their relationship with confidence.

Child Custody — Our team will work on your behalf to protect your time with your children and create an agreement that protects your children’s best interests.

Post-Divorce Modification — Circumstances change; with a post-divorce modification, you can adjust child support, custody, and other agreements to accommodate your family’s changing needs.

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