AO on Air Episode 24: 4 Key Points for Recession-proofing

Join us as we discuss with banking industry leader, Jude Pinto, the potential impact of a recession or economic challenges for large operations. Jude shares his experience in previous recessions and offers advice for managing through turbulent times. Listen in as he explains the details of these key points. 

1. Don’t lose sight of your customer-driven process
2. Build for Agility
3. Redefine operations excellence
4. Get ready for a different form of employee engagement

We hope you enjoy this episode of AO on Air and look for more interviews to help you prepare to Do More with Less.

A bit about Jude Pinto:

Jude has been part of the Canadian and Caribbean Financial Services industry for the past 30+ years. He has played senior executive leadership roles in a variety of Retail and Commercial Banking, Payments, Insurance, Technology, Operations, and Finance areas.

Jude has led transformation strategies and programs around industry utility evolution, process, and technology-driven automation, service and customer experience excellence, digital banking, acquisitions and divestitures, new market entries, strategic cost management, business line optimization and technology modernization. You can learn more at