Changing The Way For Commercial Financing | Mitch Ginsberg Ep. 122

In this episode, Cliff talks with Mitch Ginsberg who is Changing The Way For Commercial Financing. After being exposed to the painful process of obtaining a commercial mortgage, Mitch was determined to create a platform that empowered the borrower and changed the way commercial financing was secured. At the time, giving the borrower access to the capital markets while providing a superior lending experience was a problem that needed to be solved.

With the help of a talented development team, Mitch was able to bring his vision to life. Mitch has been in mortgage banking for over 30 years and has overseen the closing of several billion dollars in loans. Drawing on this experience and surrounding himself with a highly skilled and diverse team, CommLoan has gone from strength to strength.

Mitch will tell you that by taking the cutting-edge technology of the CommLoan platform (CUPID™) and combining it with good old-fashioned customer service, anything is possible. Mitch holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in finance.

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00:00 Introduction
03:16 How Did He Come Up with the Idea of CommLoan?
07:16 How Providing a Better Experience for the End User Helped Excel Their Business
10:04 Useful Tools on the CommLoan Website
14:07 What Makes the CommLoan Lending Process Efficient?
19:27 How CommLoan Streamlines the Process of Working with Third Parties?
21:05 How Has Their Association with eXp Commercial Been Beneficial for Them?
22:58 What Makes eXp Different from Other Brokerages?
25:08 Trials and Tribulations that He Has Experienced on His Journey
31:03 What Does He Think About the Future Outlook of the Market?
35:15 Why Doesn’t He Consider Current Situation a Doomsday Scenario?
38:30 Does He See Any Liquidity Issues in the Secondary Market Going Forward?
40:32 What were the Early Entrepreneurial Days of Company Like for Him?
45:02 How Big is the Commercial Loan Market?
49:58 How to Reach Out to Mitch Brooks?

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Cliff comes to eXp Realty with 30+ years of real estate and mortgage experience including 10 years as a professional coach. He has personally coached over 500 top real estate professionals across North America and his portfolio of clients range from sole practitioners to large teams generating over $150,000,000 in annual sales. As the producing owner/broker of a boutique firm in DFW, he pioneered the virtual brokerage model several years ago.

A highly sought-after leader in his field, Cliff’s main areas of focus and expertise include self-leadership mastery, business and strategic planning, people intelligence, team dynamics, best-of-breed lead generation systems, lead conversion, PPC, marketing, operations and finance. He is also a “trainer of trainers” and published author.

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