Consistency Mindset: From Delivering Pizzas To A 9-Figure Real Estate Career With Pamela Bardhi

Real estate is the industry that creates the most millionaires. But in order to break into the industry, you need the right mindset. You need consistency. Real estate markets are changing constantly, so you need to be prepared to pivot and you need to be consistent at that. That is why it’s important to start at your niche, and then you can build from there. Join Tim Herriage as he talks to real estate and life coach, Pamela Bardhi about how she went from delivering pizzas to creating a 9-figure real estate career. She was also featured in Forbes and Time Magazine at 27 years old. Discover how she made it in this industry by having the right mindset. Find out why real estate is really just a numbers game and how you can really know your math. Also, learn why you need to focus on your niche first before you branch out to other markets. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and start hustling.