Fanny Minnitt & Erik Simins | #whoyaknow

Media Blitz – Pair Channels, Go

Fanny Minnitt is an ambassador for Christ, mother, grandma, wife and a television producer on an international award-winning live-streaming television network, sort after empowerment speaker, coach, award winning radio talk show host, veteran, and retired educator.

Fanny preaches, teaches, and shares how to identify faith in everyday living. She does this by sharing ordinary people doing Extra-Ordinary things stories, bible teachings, and using everyday life situations in the home, business, community, nation, and the world.

Erik Simins is a 5 time entrepreneur and CEO of WorkWolf. Having built an $10mm+ healthcare staffing business he identified another opportunity that could be solved by using blockchain technology to eliminate the $600B problem cause by resume fraud.

WorkWolf is a digital work passport for trusted professionals empowering them to build their own verified profiles. Employers and recruiters can now select from “pre-cleared” candidate pools and improve their hiring efficiency and candidates have a better way to differentiate themselves in a job market riddled with inaccurate resume claims.

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