How Foundation Repair Works: Home Foundation & Plumbing Evaluation | Black Tie Plumbing & Perma Pier

What’s up, dirt nerds?! Curious to learn what happens once our evaluators are dispatched to your property? Want to learn when to be worried about foundation cracks and other tell-tale signs of foundation distress? You’ve come to the right place!

Follow along as Justin Bryant, EVP of Perma Pier Foundation Repair and Black Tie Plumbing, guides us through a full home foundation evaluation. He’ll talk:
– Outside signs of foundation distress,
– What indoor markers of foundation problems look like, and
– How our #dirtnerd team takes elevation readings to determine the shift of the home

You’ll also get an inside view to an evaluation performed by our underground plumbing experts! Follow Matt White, VP of Sales for Black Tie, and Jeremy Boon, President and Responsible Master Plumber (RMP) of Black Tie, as they perform a sewer hydrostatic test and leak locate.