How to Make Important Things Important | Drew Myers, Author-The Tacos &Chocolate Diet | Ep. 141-DiR!

Bored was his middle name. Drew Myers had eleven jobs in eleven years and proud of it. Living intentionally was unheard of until he hit rock bottom. His family left him, his life turned ugly, and hope hung from the threads.

Spoiler Alert: His book, The Tacos & Chocolate Diet is not a diet book! It IS about his journey
from depression and desperation—both inspiring and adventurous as Drew shares what it
means to live intentionally with audacity, from rock bottom up.

You’ll learn things to do if YOU hit rock bottom! – Monday, 12:30PM Central.

Top Take-Aways!

● No one consciously makes the wrong decision. Consider its outcome for the next decision.
● Don’t settle. Always grow.
● Nothing is forever. If you don’t like it, start doing something else.
● Life is short & precious. Take care of yourself so you can be your best for others.
● Make the important things important – starting with YOU.

Here’s the link to get a copy of Drew’s book:

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