Playing The Long Game In Real Estate With Kevin Lee, Insightful REI

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Playing The Long Game In Real Estate, Running A Short-Term Rental Business, Thoughts On The Housing Market, And More With Kevin Lee, Insightful REI

The housing market isn’t in its most pristine state now, and many investors are running away or else crouching in a corner until times get better. Not Kevin Lee. Despite everything that’s going on with high interest rates and inventory problems, Kevin stays optimistic that he can make the most of the opportunities out there. In this conversation with Tim Herriage, he talks about his philosophy of playing the long game in real estate, his tips on running an Airbnb business, and his general thoughts on the state of the market and where the opportunities lie. Kevin also shares with us a powerful message on how following your passion will help you achieve the financial freedom through real estate. Tune in for a quick hit of wisdom and inspiration from an insightful REI expert.