Print Ain’t Dead, Arlin Gold with Community Impact News

The episode on Best of the West with Host Sarah Crilley

0:38- 1:30 Intro and meet our guest Arlin Gold with Community Impact News
2:00- 2:35 How Arlin’s name came to be
2:35 Teaser on what this episode preview looks like, Arlin works with Community Impact news reaching 2M readers over Texas
3:30- 5:30 Arlin shares her favorite locations to visit, Bear Creek Park in Keller, Clear Fork and Magnolia for shopping in Fort Worth Texas, The City of Roanoke the unique dining destination of Texas, Host Sarah Crilley shares how new she is to the Fort Worth area
6:00-9:00 Host Sarah Crilley plays CEO John Garrett Community Impact News speech in Borrell Miami Our focus is "phigital" a physical and digital world how this approach is changing the way media reaches their audience.
9:00-12:30 Guest Arlin Gold shares how Community Impact News reaches their specific communities
12:30- 14:00 Guest Arlin Gold shares how small business doesn’t have giant advertising budgets and how CI graphics rival any advertising agency delivering results month after month
14:00-17:00 Host Sarah Crilley shares where she is from Ennis Texas, MN, MI and California and Guest Arlin Gold shares her story of moving from California.
17:00-17:15 Commercial Real News Communications Network
17:20-18:00 Host Sarah Crilley and Guest Arlin Gold talk about Rotary and meeting through The Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce
18:00-19:00 The pandemic brought opportunity for the Greater Keller Chamber to visit the business community through a parade.
19:00-21:00 Arlin shares a customer story, Dan’s Bagels as a business born during the pandemic
21:00-23:00 Community Impact news has a focus on collaboration