Ready, Set, Achieve | Yuri Diogenes, Transforming His Life from Obesity to Bodybuilding | Ep.139

Yuri Diogenes came to the US from Brazil ready to start his successful career as a leading cybersecurity expert and author. Determined to make his mark, Yuri was committed to being the best, getting promoted and reaching his goals.

Before he knew it, his body was showing the effect of long hours on the job, eating fast foods and allowing work to creep into his home life. But that enticing promotion loomed in the future. With little work/life balance, the pounds and lethargy were sure signs of his unbalanced lifestyle.

At a particular pivotal moment realizing he could hardly get down on the floor to play with his 5-year-old daughter – he made the move toward transforming his health and life. In just one year, Yuri lost a whopping 100 pounds! And he did it naturally – without drugs or surgery!

Yuri shares in his book Ready, Set, Achieve that he knew it was time to take charge of his life.
He also knew it would not be easy.

Tune in to hear the rest of the story – Monday, 12:30PM Central.

TPOV’S: Your current conditions do you represent your future.
-Discipline beats motivation
-Enjoy the journey rather than always focusing on the destination
-Be ready to fail and learn from it.

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