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People keep talking about having these difficult conversations when in all reality I can’t find a single one in regard to Roe v. Wade. It’s all puff pieces, echo chambers, and judgment-filled slam fests.

The truth is, it is my mission to have conversations that most won’t have, most don’t have and most "think" they are attempting. The idea, in this instance, goes beyond "Roe v Wade." It is much more than that. It is an ideology rooted in personal experience, scientific beliefs, and religion. It is a conversation that questions what is life, when life begins, and what is the true concept of self-responsibility. When someone is pro-Life does that also mean they are fighting for the choice of the "unborn?"

This is not a crystal-clear discussion. This is much more than that. This is a conversation that delves deep into the human psyche and morality of the individual. People have been playing the game that ignores what creates civility and this conversation puts a stop to the notion that you can’t find a way to agree to disagree about opinions on abortion. We have one strong pro-choice Republican on the panel, one pro-life female that was almost aborted, and one right-leaning independent male that is very pro-life. This truly was a great conversation that had a little bit of every ideology represented.

In this episode, Anthony sits down with Marie Cosgrove, a pro-life professional speaker, and resilience expert, LaDale Buggs, a pro-life financial expert and BJ Antwell, a pro-choice republican realtor. It’s a fascinating range of beliefs that come together to have a blunt conversation about abortion.

LaDale Buggs :
Marie Cosgrove:
BJ Antwell :

We don’t leave too many stones uncovered with this group and this conversation. At points, we even created some "Aha" moments for the panel where everyone had to take a deep thought about their accountability

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