Sports Emmy & Telly Award Winner: Dave Evans, Executive Producer | Ep.136 – Doing it Right!

Confident under pressure, innovative, and able to switch gears on a dime. Three qualities that
allowed Dave Evans to excel as an Emmy award-winning television producer with Mark
Cuban & the Mavericks for over a decade.
In this episode, Dave shares revealing insights of his roller coaster behind-the-scenes
experiences. We talked about how he has maintained his ‘cool’ as a television producer,
meeting challenges like producing one of the Maverick’s games in 3D – something never
done before!
Tune in to hear what it took to manage the hair-raising last-minute workarounds to make that event seem flawless.

12:30CT June 27th on Doing it Right!

 There’s two ways to respond to obstacles. You can go up or you can go
 Keep your focus on progress, not perfection.
 Don’t live life to be safe.
 Trophy’s leave you empty. They’re not what brings peace.

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