We Are VIP Podcast | Episode 163: Selling With Authentic Persuasion | Jason Cutter

Jason Cutter joins VIP’s Casey Hasten in a discussion about selling with authentic persuasion instead of just building a rapport. Jason is the CEO and Founder of Cutter Consulting Group and author of several books. Jason is a Sales Success Mindset & Scalability Expert. With years of experience managing and training salespeople, he is dedicated to helping individuals in the sales industry by being honest with customers, overcoming sales misconceptions, and winning customers’ trust. He also helps leaders of a sales team with training and leadership development to help scale their sales operations.

About The Guest:
LinkedIn: : https://www.linkedin.com/in/jascut/
Website: https://www.cutterconsultinggroup.com/

About The We Are VIP Podcast:
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Hosted by:
Casey Hasten, Director of Recruiting at VIP

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